metallic makes mercury

ever seen mercury glass?  i love it.  especially when in the form of a candleholder/hurricane, because the light so beautifully illuminates the imperfections of the antiqued silvery finish.  the real version, as in, authentic mercury glass, is defined by glass that is blown with double walls, where silver solution separates to two layers. while there were a variety of techniques used in creating the silvered glass look, mercury glass is considered to be one of the first examples of glass as an art form.

interesting, right?  nowadays, we see “mercury glass” as it is most likely manufactured in a plant somewhere, only to be artificially antiqued, for the sake of the “vintage trend” to which much of the US currently subscribes.  MYSELF INCLUDED.  like i said … I LOVE IT.

and last weekend, after a beautifully fall filled day, my mom and i attempted to make our own mercury glass mason jars.  again, with my mom being the master DIYer, i figured, if she thinks we can do it, we should definitely give it a shot.

as a part of our diy mercury glass research, a la pinterest, we reviewed multiple tutorials on the seemingly easy creation.  and since there are already multiple tutorials, instead of adding another one to the world of blogging, i’ll just link to the ones we used:

numero uno – dos –  y tres

Note: each tutorial is basically the same.

every blog says to get “krylon looking glass” paint.  well, we couldn’t find it.  and given that we wanted to make them that day, we weren’t really wanting to order it online.  thus, our project turned into an experiment.

instead of the looking glass paint, we just bought the metallic silver and gold spray paints at walmart.  they looked shiny enough to provide us with the mirror-like effect we were going for … so why not?

the tutorials all say to spray a half water/half vinegar solution onto the paint, wait, then blot/rub/swirl/and-so-on.  well, it’s probably because we used a different kind of paint, but the water-vinegar combo didn’t cut it.  so we sprayed straight vinegar onto the paint and it worked like magic!  it took a little more elbow grease than we expected, but after a while, we were pretty pleased with our mercury glass mason jars!

my tip for those wanting to try this themselves? make sure you can stick your entire hand inside the jar/vase you are painting.  my brain wasn’t exactly thinking that far ahead when i tried sticking my hand all the way into the jar.  sometimes, i’m not so bright.  (we eventually rubber-banded an old sponge to a wooden spoon and that worked way better than my non-jar-sized hand).

after our mason jars were completed and drying, i used the left over paint for some pine cones i found on the side of the road.  i only sprayed 70% of the pinecones and i did some in metallic silver, matte silver, and metallic gold.  i tossed them all in a bowl when i got home and bam.  pretty, easy, slightly sparkly christmas decor.

it was a successful day of diy-ing, i would say.


diy decor

When I was a kid, we called it “craft day”, when we hauled out the gigantic craft box from it’s home in the hall closet. Filled with construction paper, glittery paints, feathers, beads, and oh so much more; we had enough craft supplies to last a lifetime.  And they did last a lifetime … thanks to secret sparkly replenishment via the momma.

She was the master of crafts.  Everything had another purpose in her eyes.  How else would egg cartons have become binoculars? And meat trays become frames? Who knew all you needed to give a couple of girls was feathers and glitter … and they’d be set … for hours.

Oh, those were the days.

It seems to me that “crafts” have become all the rage nowadays, but under the guise of a new, much trendier name: DIY.  And even though I have yet to properly research the statistics, making this statement nothing more than an assumption, I bet this new craze might have something to do with a little website called Pinterest.  No?

Don’t get me wrong … I LOVE PINTEREST.  That good ‘ol time waster idea enhancer is the greatest thing to hit the web since google, in my humble opinion.  But the more time I spend on Pinterest, the more I realize the extent of my mother’s “craftiness”.  All the ideas for spray paint .. she’s done it.  I just learned how many curtain rods and chandeliers in their uber nice, rustic, pretty new home were … gasp … spray painted (don’t tell her I told you that).  And all the gifts-in-a-jar/brownies-in-a-bag ideas for Christmas?  She did that.  Like 20 years ago.  Coasters out of tiles … with stamped leaves.  Seasoned olive oil in a jar, with gold wax dripping down the neck.  Ribbon hair clips for us girls (yes, they had feathers and sparkles). Homemade wreaths for each door at each season. Yup … she did all that.  And more. WITHOUT PINTEREST.

She’s been putting sticks in a vase for years … and making it look good!  Probably before Pottery Barn started doing it.

One of the reasons I think she’s so good at the whole “DIY” stuff, is because she doesn’t mind failing.  If a project bombs, she laughs at it.  If it succeeds, she fills the house with it.  Life lessons, I tell you.

I’m usually so proud of myself when I make something I pinned (and even then, I’m sort of a lazy DIYer – bring on the shortcuts!) … how much more proud would I be if I had come up with the idea all by my big-girl self?


Her latest project? Oh, nothin’ big.  Just a ridiculously gigantic wine cork dart board.  With every cork strategically placed to show the logo/gimmick/quote, etc.  Can you say amazing?

I’ll post some fun pics of the “DIY” day we shared a couple of days ago … pine cones and fake mercury glass.  What first seemed like a waste of some good mason jars turned into quite the accomplishment!

falling: mood board

Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

perfection?  the warmth evoked by the chill in the air.  the smell of steaming coffee, wood set to flame, and the damp, yet crisp breeze.  the crunch of the leaves and the brilliance of their skin, just before losing grip of their branches.

yes.  i’d say it’s perfection.

best find … ever!

i’m certainly not what you would consider a fashion guru.  i’m not even trendy enough to be considered … well, “trendy”.  but i am learning!  mostly thanks to the “trendy” taste of my husband.

it’s true.  he’s a sucker for a nice pair of shoes.  and he’s my go-to fashion consultant.  he has purchased every purse i own, most of my jeans (and they always fit perfectly), my more daring jackets, and my stylish boots.  and by doing so, he’s gotten me out of my bubble.  he’s made me feel more confident in my own skin … which makes me feel more comfortable mixing hues and patterns, donning belts with sweaters, and so on.  {i’ve come a very long way since my college days: blue pepperdine sweatshirt, jeans, ponytail, and a lanyard worn backwards with my keys and id card attached}

but there is one article of clothing, or rather, accessory, that made it’s way into my wannabe fashion collection, prior to his arrive into my life.

and that would be a necklace.  it’s the piece of jewelry that never fails to receive a compliment.  it’s versatile, colorful, and in my opinion, casually timeless.

it’s one of those necklaces that must be doubled up … and can even be tripled up.  but one of my favorite ways to wear it is as a bracelet.  wrapped and twisted around my wrist, it’s bold, yet subtle.  is that combo possible?  maybe not.  but in my head, that description works.

excuse my poor cropping job

my favorite part about this necklace, is that my sister has the exact same one.  we found them at a little boutique outside harvard on a visit to boston in 2006.  since i was merely tagging along with her on a work trip, she didn’t have a camera with her … and my camera was in the shop after a near fatal crash to the ground while in ireland that summer.  thus, this piece of jewelry is the only thing we brought back from that trip.  that, and tummies full of salt water taffy.

so, if i have anything to offer to the fashion world {which in all honesty, i don’t really}, i’d say, go for the multi-colored accessory.  you can wear it with anything and will surely get compliments.

there … that’s probably the only post i’ll ever be able to make in regards to fashion.  i can now say i made a mark in the world of fashion/life-style blogging.  or at least maybe an erasable mark, at that!

it’s that time again …

the time where i kind of, sort of, start complaining about the weather.  6 months ago, i was so ready for summer … and now?  fall!  where is fall?!

my boots have a layer of dust so thick that i’ll be amazed if i can revive them to their natural, winter-friendly state.  and the scarves!  they are twisted in a bundle, needing to be freed from the warm depths of the closet.  oh, the tragedy! {please at least give me a smirk, as you recognize my over-dramatization of the current situation}

and to make this current forecast worse,


my office just got this in the mail:

that means, it’s Christmas time everyone!  rrrriiighhht?

i guess in reality, i can’t really complain about the impending forecast … i’ll take 80’s over the upper-90’s of last weekend, any day.  the good thing, is the line on the thermometer is dropping southward, right on towards Christmas, at a relatively steady pace.

friday night lights

attending a rather small, private school my entire life significantly limited by football viewing experiences.  In fact, it limited it entirely to that which could be viewed via the television.  neither my high school nor my college had football teams, making basketball the go-to sport for the ultimate opportunity in displaying school pride.

i never thought i was missing anything, given the great deal of attention that was placed on basketball and the school community that was created around games and homecoming.  i loved everything about those games in school … the energy, the excitement, and the excuse to hang out with your friends for what seemed like all night.

those were great days! even though i would never wish to go back (these 10 years out of high school served as an even greater part of life that the idea of re-entering high school rates right around being forced to eat bugs), i must say that my recent experience supporting the local high school made me a little reminiscent of that school spirit.

it may have taken me 28 years, but i finally witnessed the energy of a high school football game, when my hubs and i went to support our friend as a coach for the varsity team.  i can see why these events are so raved about in the south.  it was exciting seeing those kids run their hearts out.  from the tightly lined bleachers to the green and white pom poms waving through the air, the little town of cameron park became that much smaller … and much more of a community, that homecoming night.

the energy created by those football players made their loss in the last second more difficult than it would have been had they not been our own.  they were the students from our church.  the kids at the local coffee shop.  the guys at our gym.  and when the opposing team landed those 2 extra points in the last second (literally, it was the last possible moment), our guys sunk to the ground.  it was their first loss of the year … and homecoming no less.  but the great thing about the crowd?  they still had enough energy to shout in support for their boys.

it was a great way to spend our friday night … and i’m confident it won’t be the last game we see this year!

i’ve still never been to a college football game, but considering the great time had watching a high school game, we might just have to put a sac state game on the calendar sometime soon.