wedding catastrophe

we are already rounding out 2012 as fall slowly {yup, here in California, it’s still moving very slowly} creeps up on us. the time of year when the air is crisp and the colors are vibrant fills my soul with the type of warmth that merits some marshmallows and chocolate. it’s bonfire season, yet again. it’s time for oranges and yellows and sweet bright reds to slowly take over the green life in the leaves. this, is the perfect time of year.

i always thought i wanted to get married at the end of september or october. i envisioned burnt orange roses, accompanied by delicate yellows and pinks. an outdoor ceremony at my grandparent’s ranch, where bonfires would adorn the lawn to keep guests warm, while roasting their s’mores. in my head, it was rustic, yet elegant … casual, yet classy. simply … beautiful.

but then again, that’s just what was in my head.  oh, the visions a girl has nestled inside her head for her wedding day … perfection.  right?

think again.

in reality, i got married in march. see, even though the fall seemed to be the perfect time to celebrate a wedding, the question was popped in mid september. a month long engagement was nixed by the financial source {my parents} and a year long engagement was pretty much the equivalent of an awful form of torture for us.

thus, a prompt 6 month engagement landed us in march.

and you know what? i could have cared less that i wasn’t getting my fall wedding. i was getting married! and that’s all i cared about.

now, i’ve watched the wedding drama captured {and let’s face it, most likely created} by reality tv.  i’ve seen the melt downs, the bridezillas, and even the perfect-dream-come-true weddings.  but even moreso, i’ve been in weddings, i’ve attended weddings, and i’ve planned a wedding … so when i say this, it comes with some experience:


i see too many women drive themselves crazy over planning the perfect wedding.  they stress over the colors, the flowers, the cake, the food, the centerpieces, the this and the that … but how much time do they put into the ceremony?  and i don’t mean the way it looks.  i mean, what is said.  the vows.  the promises.  the prayers.  the commitment that is solidified and confirmed on that day.

in all honesty, probably not enough.

i can say this even more, because my wedding was a catastrophe.  and utter mess.  it was cold and wet and chaotic.  i wasn’t supposed to walk out of the laundry room.  but i did.  and you know what, that washing machine led me towards my husband.  so God Bless that washing machine.

in another post, i’ll add further details to the chaos that was march 21st, 2009 … the best day of my life.  and you’ll see what i mean.  everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

but it wasn’t about the wedding.  and frankly, it wasn’t about all the people that probably thought we were insane for having an outdoor wedding in march {more on that later}.  it was about us.  me and erik.  becoming one.  vowing to each other and to God to be married, forever.

so remember that the next time you see a bride stressing over the “perfect” wedding … remind her to focus on her impending marriage instead.  it will be worth it.


birthday dinners … party for the tastebuds

my parents always made us feel like we were a pretty big deal, but on the anniversary of our birth, we were an even bigger deal than we were already made to believe we were.  from notes posted all over the house, to balloons at the breakfast table, to your favorite meal at dinner; every minute of the day was considered a reason to celebrate.  because, you are only born once and we just happened to be special enough to merit the biggest celebrations.  (thanks mom!)

now, given that i was raised in a house of full blown birthday extravaganzas, i tend to lean towards the extravaganza end myself, when it comes to celebrating the birth of the man who stole my heart.  i mean, why shouldn’t it be a gigantic event?  his birth changed my life!  it may have been some 25 years after he was born … but it was changed nonetheless!

and given that his momma was in labor on labor day, we get a 3 day weekend, every year, to celebrate this fine gentleman. and trust me, i take full advantage of the 3 day weekend … every year.

this past weekend, in honor of his 31st, i took him on a day trip around our town to explore the things we always talk about doing, but rarely ever do (after making him a nice big breakfast of course), like getting lunch on old sutter street (our little town of folsom’s historical claim to fame … well, that and the prison of course).  we had a rather fantastic lunch at samuel hornes, where we sunk into the big leather chairs and enjoyed a local brew with our meal.  erik was quite infatuated with the bourbon bbq sauce that dressed his hamburger beautifully.  and my spinach and roasted pepper panini was fantastic, if i do say so myself.

my parents had reserved the evening after our day on the town to further celebrate their son-in-law, at which, they did a rather fine job!

erik is always excited to see what masterpiece my mom comes up with for his birthday dinner.  year 1 (after we got married) was the hardyboy steaks with whiskey butter, year 2 was the cowboy ribs that reveled in such juices, the meat couldn’t hold on to the bones once touched (they were that tender), and year 3 (this year) was NY steaks with shrimp and lime cilantro garlic butter, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

and then, there’s the cheesecake that comes adorned with a new, decadent, yet delicate flavor each year.

it’s simply a masterpiece.

and how great is it to have a dinner dedicated completely to you and your tastes on your birthday?!

i’d say, she hits the right taste buds every time.  she has also set the standard pretty high, too … if you know what i mean.  so, what’s for dinner next year, mom?!

behind the name

since i’m relatively new to the world of wordpress, i thought i’d explain the name a little bit … and give a little background in regards to my history in the blogging world.

i was previously writing my stories over here.  It all started when i got engaged and needed a cheapo website to direct people to for directions, registries, etc.  who know’s if anyone ever read it back then, but i slowly started gaining a few followers thanks to family and friends from afar.  and that’s when the blog turned into a place to share our married adventures with loved ones in a more detailed environment than that which is sustained via the facebook.

and then, my creative brain started to write for the mere sake of writing, about random things that didn’t really have anything to do with our life’s adventures.

soon, my husband started telling me to start another blog, where i can focus on whatever else comes to mind … like stories, amateur attempts at DIY, random insights, and so on.

so, after a LOT of brainstorming, I came up with a new blog title slash site slash concept.  and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I love wordpress just yet; although, I’m convinced it will grow on me.  I do, however, love the template I found for my new blog … so that makes things better.

if you are interested in reading … please join me!

The reason I landed on this name {again … it took months, and I’m still working on loving it}, is because I like the idea of “the forecast”:


[fawr-kast, -kahst, fohr-] noun


1. a prediction, especially as to the weather.

2. a conjecture as to something in the future.

3. the act, practice, or faculty of forecasting.

4. Archaic . foresight in planning.

I know it’s a term generally used to determine or predict the weather … but think about it in terms of life.  We can neither determine what is going to happen next, nor predict the future.  However, with God’s grace, mercy, and guidance, we can certainly determine how we are going to respond to it.  Are we going to find joy in our struggles (2 Corinthians 12:9)?  Are we going to respond to the pains of life with His love and grace?  Can we even do so, without abiding (John 15 – see also) in Christ?

Thus, I want my story to reflect God’s love.  I want it to be a lovely adventure, in which I choose to pursue His wisdom.  Thus, I want my life’s forecast to be lovely.  I want to run in the sun and I want to find a way to dance in the rain.

So for now … it fits.  “The Lovely Forecast”

it may change in the future, and it may not.  we’ll just have to see how these growing pains pan out.

so, please bear with me as I continue to tweak my new blog.  I fully understand that the world wide web is saturated with bloggers and I am merely adding to a world already filled with creativity, insight, and tips & tricks … and I’m not intending on make millions from this little corner of cyber-space. I simply hope to use it as an outlet for the words that fill up my brain and need a place to be written. I do hope you enjoy it!

final product

a few weeks ago, a talked about how much i hate sanding, when in the process of rejuvenating an old piece of furniture.  well, it’s been a couple of weeks so far and the paint hasn’t peeled off just yet!  but maybe i should wait a little longer before i claim victory over the sand paper, no?

anyways, here are a couple of snapshots from the bedroom furniture … again, i didn’t do anything fancy schmancy … but oh, the wonders that a little black paint can do to an old, ugly wood nightstand.  i finished painting the frame of our bed too, so it is finally a completed masterpiece.  (if erik were reading this, he would significantly downplay the carpentry required to make our cozy bed, but i’m allowed to talk it up, especially since the idea of building a bed is pretty much outside of my own personal skill set)


since erik was gone while i was painting his dresser/nightstand, i took the opportunity to re-organize a few things on his side of the room designed to accompany us into a dreamy slumber.

and i have to give my husband some credit too … now that his side of the room looks nicer, he has done so well at keeping it clean!  i sound like a mom … but i’m sure there are other wives out there who understand what it’s like to have a messy hubs.

i found a few boxes (gray box: dollar rack at target, cigar box: from my infinite collection of old world styled boxes) to help him stay organized.  and since his form of organization is emptying his pockets and dumping what’s left of the contents that didn’t fall through his fingers on the night stand, i figured a few boxes to toss everything into would do the trick.  and wouldn’t you know, i was right!  but again, it might be too early to claim success.  however, he’s said multiple times how much he likes having a clean room; so i’m hoping the light bulb will continue to burn on this one …

gone grey.

a couple of years ago, while sitting in the passenger seat of my momma’s car, I started to notice a bit of a glimmer coming from the top of my head.  it glistened in the sunlight, like glitter from a prom dress.

I flipped the handy-dandy visor down to get a better look at the sparkle atop my head.  my mom nearly drove off the road when she heard me gasp at the discovery of the shiny, grey strand peeking it’s way through my dark brown locks.

amidst her blonde wavy hair, she laughed at me, {how dare she?!} saying that she started to go grey in her early 30’s … so don’t worry.

DON’T WORRY?!  coming from a head of blonde hair … the color that nearly masks a few greys amidst the lightly pigmented strands!

I was only 25!

setting all vanity aside, what did I do in response to my head’s lack of melanin pigment? I pulled out the teasers … and I plucked.

and I continued to pluck for a couple more years.  I dismissed the wives tale that curses three more in the spot of the plucked grey hair … aaaaaaannnnnnd I kept on plucking.

as the years passed and my plucking continued, more grey’s developed.  as if laughing at my disregard for the tale.

who would have know it was true?

ah, but now there are too many to pluck.  I’d nearly have a bald spot if I kept removing the greys that seem to be strategically placed directly at the top of my head.  they seem to follow my part too … in the middle or on the side, there they are.

so, instead of trying to get rid of them, or spending millions of dollars trying to paint over them, I’ve decided, reluctantly, to embrace them.  it wasn’t so much a choice, as much as it was … well, simply weighing my options:

a) create a bald spot on top of my head
b) visit my stylist {I have never had a stylist to call my own, but now that my friend is a stylist, I suddenly have one} every 6 weeks at the cost of too many pennies from this cheap woman’s pocket
c) or, give in

so, give in I did!

and you know?  as long as my grey strands are smooth and conform to the natural {thanks to the blow dryer} flow of the rest of my hair, it’s not so bad! and thankfully, they are growing into sort of a streak … so I’m trying to channel my inner Rogue {I’ve always wanted to be a super hero} … with a touch of Stacy London …


Stacy London What Not To Wear


I can pull that off …… right?