pinterest party

yes.  you heard me correctly.  i had a pinterest party.  and it was awesome.

a few weeks ago, i invited a group of fantastically creative women over to my humble abode for a party filled with pine cones, cereal boxes, feathers, acorns, and the like.

more than one of us had pinned these lovely trees from this lovely blog, and given that i was craving a new addition to my Christmas decor, it became a match made in heaven.

the blog post above, broken into 3 parts, has a thorough tutorial on each tree she made, which made our tree making that much easier!  all the girls came with boxes of paint, glue guns, and decorative possibilities, making hosting as easy as the apple cider in the crock pot (although, i must say, my go-to-easy crock pot cider didn’t heat up as quickly as i’d hoped, making it not as successful, although it was still easy … ha).

anyway, a glittery, gluey mess was certainly made across the table while our shimmery masterpieces came to fruition.  it was a blast, to say the least!  although, i did appear to be the glue-gun-rookie, with more burns than i care to admit.  nonetheless, those burns were worth the time visiting with some friends …

My favorite tree is the music sheet tree … i printed out some copies of “away in a manger” (a personal fave) and cut it into larger strips than the blogger mentioned above used … I then used a glue stick and a few sprinkles of gold glitter on the tips of a few “limbs”.  it’s simple and sweet, in my glitter-loving-opinion.

to top off my christmas tree corner, i love the glow from my diy-mercury-glass-mason-jars.  the candlelight makes everything more beautiful.  don’t you think?

the trees were a breeze to make, although i’m already wondering how i’ll pack them away for the 11 months of the year that they weren’t made for … i’m sure i’ll find a way. right?

have any of your pins come to life recently?


friday night lights

attending a rather small, private school my entire life significantly limited by football viewing experiences.  In fact, it limited it entirely to that which could be viewed via the television.  neither my high school nor my college had football teams, making basketball the go-to sport for the ultimate opportunity in displaying school pride.

i never thought i was missing anything, given the great deal of attention that was placed on basketball and the school community that was created around games and homecoming.  i loved everything about those games in school … the energy, the excitement, and the excuse to hang out with your friends for what seemed like all night.

those were great days! even though i would never wish to go back (these 10 years out of high school served as an even greater part of life that the idea of re-entering high school rates right around being forced to eat bugs), i must say that my recent experience supporting the local high school made me a little reminiscent of that school spirit.

it may have taken me 28 years, but i finally witnessed the energy of a high school football game, when my hubs and i went to support our friend as a coach for the varsity team.  i can see why these events are so raved about in the south.  it was exciting seeing those kids run their hearts out.  from the tightly lined bleachers to the green and white pom poms waving through the air, the little town of cameron park became that much smaller … and much more of a community, that homecoming night.

the energy created by those football players made their loss in the last second more difficult than it would have been had they not been our own.  they were the students from our church.  the kids at the local coffee shop.  the guys at our gym.  and when the opposing team landed those 2 extra points in the last second (literally, it was the last possible moment), our guys sunk to the ground.  it was their first loss of the year … and homecoming no less.  but the great thing about the crowd?  they still had enough energy to shout in support for their boys.

it was a great way to spend our friday night … and i’m confident it won’t be the last game we see this year!

i’ve still never been to a college football game, but considering the great time had watching a high school game, we might just have to put a sac state game on the calendar sometime soon.

fly in the sky

The sound of the planes soaring overhead, breaking through the sky with such veracity is incredible.  The unexpected roar of an F16 flying, what feels like a few yards, above the earth is exhilarating, to say the least.  It’s ear piercing and nerve wrecking, while at the same time, intoxicating.

It’s unbelievable.

a few weeks ago, a friend of ours gave us some tickets to the Annual California Capitol Air Show at Mather Airport, as a celebratory gift in remembrance of our births (both us being born in the 9th month).  not being ones to say no to a generous invitation and gift, we joined our fellow september born friend in a day of neck-wrenching delight.

I spent many summers as a little girl, perched on top of my dad’s shoulders, watching the planes whiz through the sky at as many air shows as we could catch.  I even had dimples just cute enough to get me  pictures inside the cockpits of the planes that were off-limits to normal, everyday, dimple-less civilians.  I loved every minute of those air shows, and now, at 28 years old, I still feel the same way.

It’s incredible to walk through the gigantic planes that seem to defy gravity when in flight.  When one sees the switches, the buttons, the toggles, the levers, etc, inside the planes, it’s a wonder anyone can remember what does what and when.  It just looks that convoluted; which means, it most likely is!

And then, when watching the Thunderbirds prepare for the flight, with such strict precision and discipline, one can only wonder if that type of dedication only resides within the integrity and honor of the military.

We watched the planes soar over head, twisting and turning, racing and roaring … and we were amazed.  Thankfully, the group of 20-something gentleman that we accompanied, have the respect and patriotism that I fear too many young people lack now-a-days.  We all watched in awe as we wondered if we had the same discipline that was so honorably and patriotically displayed before us.

In between the sky-high demonstrations, we reveled in the history explained by the old planes scattered throughout the field.  In fact, we were so inspired by the hidden stories behind each plane that we spent our evening after the show watching all 3 hours of Pearl Harbor.  (Yes, it was Michael Bay’s lovey dovey adaptation of the infamous day, but it’s all we had in the library).

I’m not sure why, but I find it funny that I spent that evening discussing not only the devastation of Pearl Harbor, but also the ethical dilemma created by the love triangle in the fictional love story … with 5 men.

I guess that’s what happens when you spend most of your time hanging out with your husband’s friends …

anyways, all that to say, it was a great day in Sacramento with great friends, under a big blue sky …


my cute husband let me know that this is his new favorite picture of us.  i was even asked to get it printed so we can frame it.
i’m a definite fan of those types of requests!