best find … ever!

i’m certainly not what you would consider a fashion guru.  i’m not even trendy enough to be considered … well, “trendy”.  but i am learning!  mostly thanks to the “trendy” taste of my husband.

it’s true.  he’s a sucker for a nice pair of shoes.  and he’s my go-to fashion consultant.  he has purchased every purse i own, most of my jeans (and they always fit perfectly), my more daring jackets, and my stylish boots.  and by doing so, he’s gotten me out of my bubble.  he’s made me feel more confident in my own skin … which makes me feel more comfortable mixing hues and patterns, donning belts with sweaters, and so on.  {i’ve come a very long way since my college days: blue pepperdine sweatshirt, jeans, ponytail, and a lanyard worn backwards with my keys and id card attached}

but there is one article of clothing, or rather, accessory, that made it’s way into my wannabe fashion collection, prior to his arrive into my life.

and that would be a necklace.  it’s the piece of jewelry that never fails to receive a compliment.  it’s versatile, colorful, and in my opinion, casually timeless.

it’s one of those necklaces that must be doubled up … and can even be tripled up.  but one of my favorite ways to wear it is as a bracelet.  wrapped and twisted around my wrist, it’s bold, yet subtle.  is that combo possible?  maybe not.  but in my head, that description works.

excuse my poor cropping job

my favorite part about this necklace, is that my sister has the exact same one.  we found them at a little boutique outside harvard on a visit to boston in 2006.  since i was merely tagging along with her on a work trip, she didn’t have a camera with her … and my camera was in the shop after a near fatal crash to the ground while in ireland that summer.  thus, this piece of jewelry is the only thing we brought back from that trip.  that, and tummies full of salt water taffy.

so, if i have anything to offer to the fashion world {which in all honesty, i don’t really}, i’d say, go for the multi-colored accessory.  you can wear it with anything and will surely get compliments.

there … that’s probably the only post i’ll ever be able to make in regards to fashion.  i can now say i made a mark in the world of fashion/life-style blogging.  or at least maybe an erasable mark, at that!