fly in the sky

The sound of the planes soaring overhead, breaking through the sky with such veracity is incredible.  The unexpected roar of an F16 flying, what feels like a few yards, above the earth is exhilarating, to say the least.  It’s ear piercing and nerve wrecking, while at the same time, intoxicating.

It’s unbelievable.

a few weeks ago, a friend of ours gave us some tickets to the Annual California Capitol Air Show at Mather Airport, as a celebratory gift in remembrance of our births (both us being born in the 9th month).  not being ones to say no to a generous invitation and gift, we joined our fellow september born friend in a day of neck-wrenching delight.

I spent many summers as a little girl, perched on top of my dad’s shoulders, watching the planes whiz through the sky at as many air shows as we could catch.  I even had dimples just cute enough to get me  pictures inside the cockpits of the planes that were off-limits to normal, everyday, dimple-less civilians.  I loved every minute of those air shows, and now, at 28 years old, I still feel the same way.

It’s incredible to walk through the gigantic planes that seem to defy gravity when in flight.  When one sees the switches, the buttons, the toggles, the levers, etc, inside the planes, it’s a wonder anyone can remember what does what and when.  It just looks that convoluted; which means, it most likely is!

And then, when watching the Thunderbirds prepare for the flight, with such strict precision and discipline, one can only wonder if that type of dedication only resides within the integrity and honor of the military.

We watched the planes soar over head, twisting and turning, racing and roaring … and we were amazed.  Thankfully, the group of 20-something gentleman that we accompanied, have the respect and patriotism that I fear too many young people lack now-a-days.  We all watched in awe as we wondered if we had the same discipline that was so honorably and patriotically displayed before us.

In between the sky-high demonstrations, we reveled in the history explained by the old planes scattered throughout the field.  In fact, we were so inspired by the hidden stories behind each plane that we spent our evening after the show watching all 3 hours of Pearl Harbor.  (Yes, it was Michael Bay’s lovey dovey adaptation of the infamous day, but it’s all we had in the library).

I’m not sure why, but I find it funny that I spent that evening discussing not only the devastation of Pearl Harbor, but also the ethical dilemma created by the love triangle in the fictional love story … with 5 men.

I guess that’s what happens when you spend most of your time hanging out with your husband’s friends …

anyways, all that to say, it was a great day in Sacramento with great friends, under a big blue sky …


my cute husband let me know that this is his new favorite picture of us.  i was even asked to get it printed so we can frame it.
i’m a definite fan of those types of requests!