best find … ever!

i’m certainly not what you would consider a fashion guru.  i’m not even trendy enough to be considered … well, “trendy”.  but i am learning!  mostly thanks to the “trendy” taste of my husband.

it’s true.  he’s a sucker for a nice pair of shoes.  and he’s my go-to fashion consultant.  he has purchased every purse i own, most of my jeans (and they always fit perfectly), my more daring jackets, and my stylish boots.  and by doing so, he’s gotten me out of my bubble.  he’s made me feel more confident in my own skin … which makes me feel more comfortable mixing hues and patterns, donning belts with sweaters, and so on.  {i’ve come a very long way since my college days: blue pepperdine sweatshirt, jeans, ponytail, and a lanyard worn backwards with my keys and id card attached}

but there is one article of clothing, or rather, accessory, that made it’s way into my wannabe fashion collection, prior to his arrive into my life.

and that would be a necklace.  it’s the piece of jewelry that never fails to receive a compliment.  it’s versatile, colorful, and in my opinion, casually timeless.

it’s one of those necklaces that must be doubled up … and can even be tripled up.  but one of my favorite ways to wear it is as a bracelet.  wrapped and twisted around my wrist, it’s bold, yet subtle.  is that combo possible?  maybe not.  but in my head, that description works.

excuse my poor cropping job

my favorite part about this necklace, is that my sister has the exact same one.  we found them at a little boutique outside harvard on a visit to boston in 2006.  since i was merely tagging along with her on a work trip, she didn’t have a camera with her … and my camera was in the shop after a near fatal crash to the ground while in ireland that summer.  thus, this piece of jewelry is the only thing we brought back from that trip.  that, and tummies full of salt water taffy.

so, if i have anything to offer to the fashion world {which in all honesty, i don’t really}, i’d say, go for the multi-colored accessory.  you can wear it with anything and will surely get compliments.

there … that’s probably the only post i’ll ever be able to make in regards to fashion.  i can now say i made a mark in the world of fashion/life-style blogging.  or at least maybe an erasable mark, at that!


it’s that time again …

the time where i kind of, sort of, start complaining about the weather.  6 months ago, i was so ready for summer … and now?  fall!  where is fall?!

my boots have a layer of dust so thick that i’ll be amazed if i can revive them to their natural, winter-friendly state.  and the scarves!  they are twisted in a bundle, needing to be freed from the warm depths of the closet.  oh, the tragedy! {please at least give me a smirk, as you recognize my over-dramatization of the current situation}

and to make this current forecast worse,


my office just got this in the mail:

that means, it’s Christmas time everyone!  rrrriiighhht?

i guess in reality, i can’t really complain about the impending forecast … i’ll take 80’s over the upper-90’s of last weekend, any day.  the good thing, is the line on the thermometer is dropping southward, right on towards Christmas, at a relatively steady pace.

friday night lights

attending a rather small, private school my entire life significantly limited by football viewing experiences.  In fact, it limited it entirely to that which could be viewed via the television.  neither my high school nor my college had football teams, making basketball the go-to sport for the ultimate opportunity in displaying school pride.

i never thought i was missing anything, given the great deal of attention that was placed on basketball and the school community that was created around games and homecoming.  i loved everything about those games in school … the energy, the excitement, and the excuse to hang out with your friends for what seemed like all night.

those were great days! even though i would never wish to go back (these 10 years out of high school served as an even greater part of life that the idea of re-entering high school rates right around being forced to eat bugs), i must say that my recent experience supporting the local high school made me a little reminiscent of that school spirit.

it may have taken me 28 years, but i finally witnessed the energy of a high school football game, when my hubs and i went to support our friend as a coach for the varsity team.  i can see why these events are so raved about in the south.  it was exciting seeing those kids run their hearts out.  from the tightly lined bleachers to the green and white pom poms waving through the air, the little town of cameron park became that much smaller … and much more of a community, that homecoming night.

the energy created by those football players made their loss in the last second more difficult than it would have been had they not been our own.  they were the students from our church.  the kids at the local coffee shop.  the guys at our gym.  and when the opposing team landed those 2 extra points in the last second (literally, it was the last possible moment), our guys sunk to the ground.  it was their first loss of the year … and homecoming no less.  but the great thing about the crowd?  they still had enough energy to shout in support for their boys.

it was a great way to spend our friday night … and i’m confident it won’t be the last game we see this year!

i’ve still never been to a college football game, but considering the great time had watching a high school game, we might just have to put a sac state game on the calendar sometime soon.

fly in the sky

The sound of the planes soaring overhead, breaking through the sky with such veracity is incredible.  The unexpected roar of an F16 flying, what feels like a few yards, above the earth is exhilarating, to say the least.  It’s ear piercing and nerve wrecking, while at the same time, intoxicating.

It’s unbelievable.

a few weeks ago, a friend of ours gave us some tickets to the Annual California Capitol Air Show at Mather Airport, as a celebratory gift in remembrance of our births (both us being born in the 9th month).  not being ones to say no to a generous invitation and gift, we joined our fellow september born friend in a day of neck-wrenching delight.

I spent many summers as a little girl, perched on top of my dad’s shoulders, watching the planes whiz through the sky at as many air shows as we could catch.  I even had dimples just cute enough to get me  pictures inside the cockpits of the planes that were off-limits to normal, everyday, dimple-less civilians.  I loved every minute of those air shows, and now, at 28 years old, I still feel the same way.

It’s incredible to walk through the gigantic planes that seem to defy gravity when in flight.  When one sees the switches, the buttons, the toggles, the levers, etc, inside the planes, it’s a wonder anyone can remember what does what and when.  It just looks that convoluted; which means, it most likely is!

And then, when watching the Thunderbirds prepare for the flight, with such strict precision and discipline, one can only wonder if that type of dedication only resides within the integrity and honor of the military.

We watched the planes soar over head, twisting and turning, racing and roaring … and we were amazed.  Thankfully, the group of 20-something gentleman that we accompanied, have the respect and patriotism that I fear too many young people lack now-a-days.  We all watched in awe as we wondered if we had the same discipline that was so honorably and patriotically displayed before us.

In between the sky-high demonstrations, we reveled in the history explained by the old planes scattered throughout the field.  In fact, we were so inspired by the hidden stories behind each plane that we spent our evening after the show watching all 3 hours of Pearl Harbor.  (Yes, it was Michael Bay’s lovey dovey adaptation of the infamous day, but it’s all we had in the library).

I’m not sure why, but I find it funny that I spent that evening discussing not only the devastation of Pearl Harbor, but also the ethical dilemma created by the love triangle in the fictional love story … with 5 men.

I guess that’s what happens when you spend most of your time hanging out with your husband’s friends …

anyways, all that to say, it was a great day in Sacramento with great friends, under a big blue sky …


my cute husband let me know that this is his new favorite picture of us.  i was even asked to get it printed so we can frame it.
i’m a definite fan of those types of requests!

wedding catastrophe: part 3

Are you ready for the story?  The one that will either make you feel sorry for me or that will encourage you to see past the “wedding”?  {i’m going for the latter here, so try to focus on that when rolling your eyes}

Here it goes:

As was described in this post, our rehearsal was beautiful.  Casual, comfortable, and exactly what we hoped for.  The sun was shining and we were elated at the beautiful weather.  After practicing our walks to and fro, we celebrated our impending marriage with our closest of familial relations.

with a short list of to-dos, i went home to my parent’s house, one last time, as a single lady.  i snuggled up with my sister and best friend, trying to calm myself of the anticipation and excitement.  it was finally happening!

the morning of march 21st, 2009 was beautiful to say the least; although it’s beauty resided primarily within the dimensions drawn by the drastic and daunting grey clouds that hung low in the sky.  with a mid-afternoon wedding on the schedule, we shrugged our shoulders as we continued to pray that the rain would hold off until the evening … although we all knew those clouds carried too much weight to hold much longer.

after picking up a few of the bridesmaids, we arrived at the wedding destination, where the grass was made greener by the overhanging grey in the skies.  it was still beautiful. we put the final touches on the site, and then my girls stole me away into the ranch house, where i was met by a stylist, promising to make me water-proof.

the rain started slowly and shifted between a slight drizzle and a mild down-pour.

and then, the clouds parted, just long enough for the first look and some magical pictures in a field or two.  given the muddy situation of the property, our pictures were more limited than i would have hoped, however, we certainly made do.

once the rain ended our photo shoot, we separated to our designated “ready rooms”, until the ceremony was scheduled to start.

2:30-2:45 – guests started to arrive
3:00pm – ceremony was supposed to begin
3:01pm – cue torrential downpour

as the umbrellas could only hold so much water, my family invited our guests inside the old house, as we “waited for the rain to pass”.

our wedding planner, along with the help of my brother-in-law, mapped out a new site for the ceremony, which included a pop-up tent and the laundry room.

i can’t even remember how they described it when they asked for my approval.  i just remember knowing that they would point me in his direction.  and that’s all that mattered.

after hand & foot warmers had been passed out to our guests, who were probably hating us, laughing at us, and mocking us at the time, they were assigned to one of the multiple locations around the lawn that maintained a view of the new ceremony location.

and then, i was led down to the laundry room.  not knowing where i was going, my dad led me past the washing machine and out the door, where a dear friend holding a rainbow umbrella escorted us from one pop-up tent to the next.

people were standing in every direction, huddled together, and hiding from the drops.

but we were getting married.

somewhere, between the laundry room and my soon-to-be-husband, my veil fell off … and i never even noticed.

the salt used for our salt covenant (similar to the sand ceremonies) was chunky when the time came to combine our pillars.  but nothing a quick shake and plop couldn’t fix.

our pastor shortened the ceremony to accommodate the cold, the wet, and the frozen.

the fireworks that were set to go off when we kissed, came across as more of a “boom”, as the overcast colors covered the glittery sparks.

i don’t remember the food.

the only dancing that took place was our first and the father-daughter.

people left before the family photos were finished.

all post-wedding pictures were taken under a tent, which caused an awful light that our photographer failed to correct in his editing.

my grandma got pneumonia.

we left before the evening fireworks show was set to occur, due to the lack of company.

the fabric roofs of the pop-up tents created a series of waterfalls as the drops pooled in their canopies.

it was chaos.

but at that moment when our vows were exchanged and we became one, it became my dream.

sure, i wish things had turned out better, but when it comes down to it, i am so glad i don’t have to plan another wedding.  i am so glad to be  married to this incredible man that calls me his wife.

we have the rest of our lives to make beautiful memories.  so what, if our wedding wasn’t exactly the most comfortable of adventures.

to this day, people still tell us that it was the “most memorable wedding” they have every been too.  and maybe they don’t remember the pretty little scrolls my mom and i spent hours rolling and tying.  maybe they remember the candied favors running pretty green and white colors onto their already wet hands.  maybe they remember the chaos more than the ice cream cake.  that’s ok.

and you know what i know they remember, though?  they remember our vows.  they remember that we got married.

perfect is relative.  my wedding day was far from my “dream wedding”.  and it’s what most brides would cry over.  but for me …

it was beautiful.  for me, it was perfect.

wedding catastrophe: part 2

last week, i gave my unsolicited advice in regards to planning a wedding.  if you missed the post, my basic recap would go a little something like this: focus more on the vows, less on the colors … because, chances are, a part of your perfectly planned day will most likely go wrong and in the grand scheme of things … that’s ok.

and here’s where my wedding can be used as the example of all examples, when it comes to chaotic weddings.

we’ll start with why we chose to have an outdoor wedding in march.

first of all, we were supposed to be in a draught.  as in, dangerously low in the precipitation category for the already water-deprived state of California.  thus, choosing the day before the start of spring seemed like a not-entirely-crazy-decision … at the time.

but more importantly than that, i had always dreamt of getting married on my grandparent’s small 10 acre ranch.  {in reality, though, it’s not exactly a ranch given that it is only 10 acres, but before the land was divided, it was the homestead of a 100 acre ranch … hence, it serves as our family homestead).  i spent my childhood running through those fields, fishing in the pond, tending to the orchards, and so on.  and not only that … it’s where erik and i first met!  sentimentality upon sentimentality.  enough said.

given the fickle nature of the weather forecast, we considered renting a tent … but we were on a budget.  and by budget, i mean, a tent was sort-of-not-really a possibility {at least since renting a tent at the last minute increases costs by ridiculous amount}.  sooooo, we risked it.  we had our church reserved as a back-up location, but we had NOTHING to decorate it with, had we needed it (which we did).  all of our decorations were solely for the out of doors.  and once we saw the white flowers my grandpa had planted at the foot of the (would-be) altar, even my parents agreed … we couldn’t change the location.  no matter what.

we spent most of the month looking up at the skies, wondering what the doppler radar would read come wedding-weekend.

another couple at our church reserved the weekend before ours for their outdoor wedding ceremony.  i felt like the entire church was praying for 2 consecutively dry saturdays, that march.  we were so excited when the skies failed to empty their drops on the hemington’s big day.

and we prayed for the same blessing.

but you know what … sometimes, God has other plans.

in another post, i’ll detail the chaos the ensued … but first, i have to show you how perfect our rehearsal was.  80 degrees, sunny, and bright.

had we known the sun would choose to smile on march 20, 2009, we would have sacrificed one more day of planning to have been hitched one day earlier.  but alas … God has other plans, right?