Hello world … or … blogging world, that is!

My name is Julie Benson and I’m a late-20-something girly girl who loves love, life, and you guessed it … laughter! {Don’t you love over-used cliches?!}

I’d like to think I’ve always been a writer at heart … from my overly wordy essays in school to the birthday poems I gave as gifts … and thanks to this potentially over-loaded world of blogs, I have yet another outlet to write, create, share, confess, vent, invest, and love.

A little about me … to either give credibility or to merely satiate one’s curiosity:

  • married to the love of my life {a very cute contractor}
  • graduated from Pepperdine University in 2006 with a degree in Integrated Managerial Communications {I’ll explain exactly what that is, one of these days}
  • worked in the political world for the first 4 years out of college … now I do marketing, social networking, fundraising, and event planning for a small non-profit {yes, it’s a full plate}
  • I spent 6 years of my life working with a small business, learning the keys to developing, training, growing, and managing a successful company.  and i loved every minute of it. {if only …}
  • I have spent the last 5 years mentoring and walking beside young women through high school, college, and now the greater parts of life in general {passion has found me}
  • I love flowy things in every part of my life … it’s the romantic in me.  when my clothes move with the slightest breeze, it’s the perfect amount of flowly.
  • I love bean and cheese burritos {always have. always will}
  • I’m secretly {actually, I’m pretty open about it} jealous of the fact that my sister lives in Hawaii {no hotel stays for HI vacations is definitely a perk, though}
  • I sing really loudly in my car and sometimes pretend I’m holding a microphone.  I sound pretty good in my head, too.
  • Fall is the perfect time of year, in my humble opinion.  You can’t beat scarves, boots, hot chocolate, and bon fires.
  • My husband and I {whom I will brag about A LOT} love our morning coffee dates.  Calming.  Refreshing.  and just about Perfect.
  • there’s a lot more that i love … but that’s all i can think of right now.

oh, ya … i am invested in a relationship with Jesus Christ and will spend the rest of my life learning what it truly means to “abide” …

want more?  read on!

{previously writing at www.erikjulie.blogspot.com}


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