the pin comes to life

this one time, right around last fall, i pinned this:


… because, well, they look amazing.

and then, sometime around a year later, i pinned this:


… and i don’t think that one really needs an explanation, am i right?

by the looks at the pin-board dedicated to my tasters, one would think i’ve got a tooth sweeter than sugar itself.  and it’s kind of funny for me to look at, because i don’t.  i can pass up dessert pretty easily.  cake? not my thing.  cookies? i love to make them. but rarely do i eat them. and i’m all about the presentation. making something pretty is more satisfying than eating something pretty. not sure why it works that way in my head, but i’m not crying over it.

however, i do love a good sweet cooked apple.  and the combo of cinnamon and sugar.  for breakfast.  (i think the light bulb just lit up. i like dessert for breakfast.)

and once i realized i pinned virtually the same thing twice, i figured it was time to make my digital expression of interest become a reality.

so, on the first fall-like day of the month, i turned on some Christmas music (don’t judge) and i scrounged up all the ingredients i could find. i didn’t have apple cider, so recipe numero uno was out.  while i had yeast, i was more in the mood for an instant-gratification type of recipe, so recipe numero dos was nixed.

enter google.

sure enough, i found a quicky recipe to which i had all the necessary ingredients.

see here

results?  AMAZING.  i don’t have the doughnut-shaping-mechanism described in each recipe, and i chopped the apples too big to squeeze out of a bag (note to self: chop apples in toddler-bite-sized pieces, not husband-bite-sized pieces), so the actual shaping of the doughnut required some brilliance to be birthed from my very own brain. (ok, so it wasn’t really brilliance. but i appreciate the opportunity to over exaggerate just a tad). i considered making gigantic doughnut holes, also known as “blobs on the cookie sheet”, but i really want to say i made a doughnut.  thus, i figured out how to make a hole in the blob.

once baked, i plopped those apple-born babies in some cinnamon and sugar and marveled at my very own, homemade baked apple doughnuts.

mr. husband suggested these in place of our traditional Christmas morning cinnamon rolls … i might have to test them out on the rest of the family to see if they approve of the change in tradition, but i was certainly thrilled when he loved them so much.

special thanks to my grandpa for his freshly grown apples … they went to good use on these bad boys!

pinterest: accomplished.


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