diy decor

When I was a kid, we called it “craft day”, when we hauled out the gigantic craft box from it’s home in the hall closet. Filled with construction paper, glittery paints, feathers, beads, and oh so much more; we had enough craft supplies to last a lifetime.  And they did last a lifetime … thanks to secret sparkly replenishment via the momma.

She was the master of crafts.  Everything had another purpose in her eyes.  How else would egg cartons have become binoculars? And meat trays become frames? Who knew all you needed to give a couple of girls was feathers and glitter … and they’d be set … for hours.

Oh, those were the days.

It seems to me that “crafts” have become all the rage nowadays, but under the guise of a new, much trendier name: DIY.  And even though I have yet to properly research the statistics, making this statement nothing more than an assumption, I bet this new craze might have something to do with a little website called Pinterest.  No?

Don’t get me wrong … I LOVE PINTEREST.  That good ‘ol time waster idea enhancer is the greatest thing to hit the web since google, in my humble opinion.  But the more time I spend on Pinterest, the more I realize the extent of my mother’s “craftiness”.  All the ideas for spray paint .. she’s done it.  I just learned how many curtain rods and chandeliers in their uber nice, rustic, pretty new home were … gasp … spray painted (don’t tell her I told you that).  And all the gifts-in-a-jar/brownies-in-a-bag ideas for Christmas?  She did that.  Like 20 years ago.  Coasters out of tiles … with stamped leaves.  Seasoned olive oil in a jar, with gold wax dripping down the neck.  Ribbon hair clips for us girls (yes, they had feathers and sparkles). Homemade wreaths for each door at each season. Yup … she did all that.  And more. WITHOUT PINTEREST.

She’s been putting sticks in a vase for years … and making it look good!  Probably before Pottery Barn started doing it.

One of the reasons I think she’s so good at the whole “DIY” stuff, is because she doesn’t mind failing.  If a project bombs, she laughs at it.  If it succeeds, she fills the house with it.  Life lessons, I tell you.

I’m usually so proud of myself when I make something I pinned (and even then, I’m sort of a lazy DIYer – bring on the shortcuts!) … how much more proud would I be if I had come up with the idea all by my big-girl self?


Her latest project? Oh, nothin’ big.  Just a ridiculously gigantic wine cork dart board.  With every cork strategically placed to show the logo/gimmick/quote, etc.  Can you say amazing?

I’ll post some fun pics of the “DIY” day we shared a couple of days ago … pine cones and fake mercury glass.  What first seemed like a waste of some good mason jars turned into quite the accomplishment!


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