it’s that time again …

the time where i kind of, sort of, start complaining about the weather.  6 months ago, i was so ready for summer … and now?  fall!  where is fall?!

my boots have a layer of dust so thick that i’ll be amazed if i can revive them to their natural, winter-friendly state.  and the scarves!  they are twisted in a bundle, needing to be freed from the warm depths of the closet.  oh, the tragedy! {please at least give me a smirk, as you recognize my over-dramatization of the current situation}

and to make this current forecast worse,


my office just got this in the mail:

that means, it’s Christmas time everyone!  rrrriiighhht?

i guess in reality, i can’t really complain about the impending forecast … i’ll take 80’s over the upper-90’s of last weekend, any day.  the good thing, is the line on the thermometer is dropping southward, right on towards Christmas, at a relatively steady pace.


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