wedding catastrophe: part 2

last week, i gave my unsolicited advice in regards to planning a wedding.  if you missed the post, my basic recap would go a little something like this: focus more on the vows, less on the colors … because, chances are, a part of your perfectly planned day will most likely go wrong and in the grand scheme of things … that’s ok.

and here’s where my wedding can be used as the example of all examples, when it comes to chaotic weddings.

we’ll start with why we chose to have an outdoor wedding in march.

first of all, we were supposed to be in a draught.  as in, dangerously low in the precipitation category for the already water-deprived state of California.  thus, choosing the day before the start of spring seemed like a not-entirely-crazy-decision … at the time.

but more importantly than that, i had always dreamt of getting married on my grandparent’s small 10 acre ranch.  {in reality, though, it’s not exactly a ranch given that it is only 10 acres, but before the land was divided, it was the homestead of a 100 acre ranch … hence, it serves as our family homestead).  i spent my childhood running through those fields, fishing in the pond, tending to the orchards, and so on.  and not only that … it’s where erik and i first met!  sentimentality upon sentimentality.  enough said.

given the fickle nature of the weather forecast, we considered renting a tent … but we were on a budget.  and by budget, i mean, a tent was sort-of-not-really a possibility {at least since renting a tent at the last minute increases costs by ridiculous amount}.  sooooo, we risked it.  we had our church reserved as a back-up location, but we had NOTHING to decorate it with, had we needed it (which we did).  all of our decorations were solely for the out of doors.  and once we saw the white flowers my grandpa had planted at the foot of the (would-be) altar, even my parents agreed … we couldn’t change the location.  no matter what.

we spent most of the month looking up at the skies, wondering what the doppler radar would read come wedding-weekend.

another couple at our church reserved the weekend before ours for their outdoor wedding ceremony.  i felt like the entire church was praying for 2 consecutively dry saturdays, that march.  we were so excited when the skies failed to empty their drops on the hemington’s big day.

and we prayed for the same blessing.

but you know what … sometimes, God has other plans.

in another post, i’ll detail the chaos the ensued … but first, i have to show you how perfect our rehearsal was.  80 degrees, sunny, and bright.

had we known the sun would choose to smile on march 20, 2009, we would have sacrificed one more day of planning to have been hitched one day earlier.  but alas … God has other plans, right?


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