wedding catastrophe

we are already rounding out 2012 as fall slowly {yup, here in California, it’s still moving very slowly} creeps up on us. the time of year when the air is crisp and the colors are vibrant fills my soul with the type of warmth that merits some marshmallows and chocolate. it’s bonfire season, yet again. it’s time for oranges and yellows and sweet bright reds to slowly take over the green life in the leaves. this, is the perfect time of year.

i always thought i wanted to get married at the end of september or october. i envisioned burnt orange roses, accompanied by delicate yellows and pinks. an outdoor ceremony at my grandparent’s ranch, where bonfires would adorn the lawn to keep guests warm, while roasting their s’mores. in my head, it was rustic, yet elegant … casual, yet classy. simply … beautiful.

but then again, that’s just what was in my head.  oh, the visions a girl has nestled inside her head for her wedding day … perfection.  right?

think again.

in reality, i got married in march. see, even though the fall seemed to be the perfect time to celebrate a wedding, the question was popped in mid september. a month long engagement was nixed by the financial source {my parents} and a year long engagement was pretty much the equivalent of an awful form of torture for us.

thus, a prompt 6 month engagement landed us in march.

and you know what? i could have cared less that i wasn’t getting my fall wedding. i was getting married! and that’s all i cared about.

now, i’ve watched the wedding drama captured {and let’s face it, most likely created} by reality tv.  i’ve seen the melt downs, the bridezillas, and even the perfect-dream-come-true weddings.  but even moreso, i’ve been in weddings, i’ve attended weddings, and i’ve planned a wedding … so when i say this, it comes with some experience:


i see too many women drive themselves crazy over planning the perfect wedding.  they stress over the colors, the flowers, the cake, the food, the centerpieces, the this and the that … but how much time do they put into the ceremony?  and i don’t mean the way it looks.  i mean, what is said.  the vows.  the promises.  the prayers.  the commitment that is solidified and confirmed on that day.

in all honesty, probably not enough.

i can say this even more, because my wedding was a catastrophe.  and utter mess.  it was cold and wet and chaotic.  i wasn’t supposed to walk out of the laundry room.  but i did.  and you know what, that washing machine led me towards my husband.  so God Bless that washing machine.

in another post, i’ll add further details to the chaos that was march 21st, 2009 … the best day of my life.  and you’ll see what i mean.  everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

but it wasn’t about the wedding.  and frankly, it wasn’t about all the people that probably thought we were insane for having an outdoor wedding in march {more on that later}.  it was about us.  me and erik.  becoming one.  vowing to each other and to God to be married, forever.

so remember that the next time you see a bride stressing over the “perfect” wedding … remind her to focus on her impending marriage instead.  it will be worth it.


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