birthday dinners … party for the tastebuds

my parents always made us feel like we were a pretty big deal, but on the anniversary of our birth, we were an even bigger deal than we were already made to believe we were.  from notes posted all over the house, to balloons at the breakfast table, to your favorite meal at dinner; every minute of the day was considered a reason to celebrate.  because, you are only born once and we just happened to be special enough to merit the biggest celebrations.  (thanks mom!)

now, given that i was raised in a house of full blown birthday extravaganzas, i tend to lean towards the extravaganza end myself, when it comes to celebrating the birth of the man who stole my heart.  i mean, why shouldn’t it be a gigantic event?  his birth changed my life!  it may have been some 25 years after he was born … but it was changed nonetheless!

and given that his momma was in labor on labor day, we get a 3 day weekend, every year, to celebrate this fine gentleman. and trust me, i take full advantage of the 3 day weekend … every year.

this past weekend, in honor of his 31st, i took him on a day trip around our town to explore the things we always talk about doing, but rarely ever do (after making him a nice big breakfast of course), like getting lunch on old sutter street (our little town of folsom’s historical claim to fame … well, that and the prison of course).  we had a rather fantastic lunch at samuel hornes, where we sunk into the big leather chairs and enjoyed a local brew with our meal.  erik was quite infatuated with the bourbon bbq sauce that dressed his hamburger beautifully.  and my spinach and roasted pepper panini was fantastic, if i do say so myself.

my parents had reserved the evening after our day on the town to further celebrate their son-in-law, at which, they did a rather fine job!

erik is always excited to see what masterpiece my mom comes up with for his birthday dinner.  year 1 (after we got married) was the hardyboy steaks with whiskey butter, year 2 was the cowboy ribs that reveled in such juices, the meat couldn’t hold on to the bones once touched (they were that tender), and year 3 (this year) was NY steaks with shrimp and lime cilantro garlic butter, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

and then, there’s the cheesecake that comes adorned with a new, decadent, yet delicate flavor each year.

it’s simply a masterpiece.

and how great is it to have a dinner dedicated completely to you and your tastes on your birthday?!

i’d say, she hits the right taste buds every time.  she has also set the standard pretty high, too … if you know what i mean.  so, what’s for dinner next year, mom?!


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