final product

a few weeks ago, a talked about how much i hate sanding, when in the process of rejuvenating an old piece of furniture.  well, it’s been a couple of weeks so far and the paint hasn’t peeled off just yet!  but maybe i should wait a little longer before i claim victory over the sand paper, no?

anyways, here are a couple of snapshots from the bedroom furniture … again, i didn’t do anything fancy schmancy … but oh, the wonders that a little black paint can do to an old, ugly wood nightstand.  i finished painting the frame of our bed too, so it is finally a completed masterpiece.  (if erik were reading this, he would significantly downplay the carpentry required to make our cozy bed, but i’m allowed to talk it up, especially since the idea of building a bed is pretty much outside of my own personal skill set)


since erik was gone while i was painting his dresser/nightstand, i took the opportunity to re-organize a few things on his side of the room designed to accompany us into a dreamy slumber.

and i have to give my husband some credit too … now that his side of the room looks nicer, he has done so well at keeping it clean!  i sound like a mom … but i’m sure there are other wives out there who understand what it’s like to have a messy hubs.

i found a few boxes (gray box: dollar rack at target, cigar box: from my infinite collection of old world styled boxes) to help him stay organized.  and since his form of organization is emptying his pockets and dumping what’s left of the contents that didn’t fall through his fingers on the night stand, i figured a few boxes to toss everything into would do the trick.  and wouldn’t you know, i was right!  but again, it might be too early to claim success.  however, he’s said multiple times how much he likes having a clean room; so i’m hoping the light bulb will continue to burn on this one …


2 thoughts on “final product

  1. Looks great! I so know what you mean by sanding; I spend far more time puttying and sanding than actually painting, but it is worth it in the end. I have heard that Zinsser’s oil-based Bin primer eliminates the sanding step. I’ve used it for outdoor furniture and after a year, I have to say it’s holding up amazingly well, and I live in central Tx where the sun is pretty brutal.

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